• About Me

    Over twenty years of designing and creative direction for high profile clients account for my baldness… maybe some genetics too. Now going on fifteen years in Kansas City Missouri, I have had the opportunity to work for fortune 500 companies, Tier 1 OEMs in the automotive industry and one of the top online gaming companies in the world. As creative director, I was responsible for leading a team of talented designers that launched 65 automotive website a month.

    During my years in KC, I have designed hundreds of email designs for lead capture, many landing pages, websites, advertising banners, logos, corporate identification systems, corporate brochures and more.

    Currently, I have been building out WordPress sites, Flash banners, location photography for clients in the KC metro area. If you would like to discuss a new project, call 816-267-3097, you can email me directly at andyhas@oneshinydome.com or feel free to fill out the contact form with a quick message and I will contact you shortly.

  • Web Design

    Starting in 1993, I cut my industry teeth on Travelocity.com in my first advertising agency as an art director. It was then that I developed a taste for the new technology – the internet, and taught myself HTML. My experience of designing websites include the very first Mary Kay Cosmetics website, Blockbuster Entertainment intranets and landing pages for Pokemon, entertainment awards, etc. Technology and design keep moving. Recently, my work is focusing on responsive solutioning for every website client as it is crucial to their success. Designing for smart phones, iPads, Phablets and anything in addition to a desktop computer is now a must.

    Please browse through my examples below or visit the website page to see my work. I would be happy to tackle your next website or help update your current one to todays standards. Please fill out the contact form with a message about your project, and we can get started.

  • Email Design

    My main introduction into email design came when I started at Adknowledge, Inc., in the creative department designing keyword based email designs that could embed advertiser listings within the email. The more creative and direct the design the better response and clicks…sounds easy. It’s actually complex when you consider the analytics and data that goes into the process of learning your target audience. I enjoy finding ways to get you to respond, click on or act on your impulse to see and buy it now.

    Most of my examples show a direct approach with simple clear messaging, some of which I also wrote the headlines and call to actions. Depending on the goal of the piece, it may have one message or have multiple topics to choose from.

    Please have a look at some examples below or visit the email design page. Please fill out the contact us page with a short message about your next project.

  • Illustration

    Whether sketching concepts, storyboards or logos, my pencils still need sharpening. I’ve kept drawing as a skill set in my toolbox. It’s way to easy to do everything on the computer these days but I believe starting with a sketchbook is still the best way to get your ideas on paper.

    Have a look at some of my storyboards that were taken to comic strips and video ads online . If you would like to discuss ideas for children’s books or comic strips, please fill out the contact form with a message about your project.

  • Photography

    My photography has evolved from sports photography into a fascination for Wild Life, Seniors, Weddings and Engagement Proposals. Check out the examples below or go to the Photography page to see more.

    As far as taking photos of people, my creativity has an appetite for capturing unexpected moments because that’s when you see true personalities. It’s very hard to capture truth in a posed photo. I guess that’s fine for your corporate head shot.

    If you would like to discuss any projects that involve photography whether it be weddings, your pets or your senior, I would be happy to help.

    Please fill out the contact page with a message about your projects.